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Transidrel series mould handlers are the only appliances with side/front dual movement

With a handling capacity of up to 50,000kg.

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The kinematic lift structure ensures ease of handling and total safety, whilst impeccable results and micro-metric operations are guaranteed, even when fully loaded – no matter how limited the space.

Totally independent manoeuvres can be achieved using the Transidrel’s adjustable proportional speeds and double dynamic/static braking system. Self-levelling wheels and synchronised advance hydraulic pushers mean the expanded steering radium can reach more than 180 degrees, whilst long-life batteries and minimal maintenance costs ensure consistent performance.

Thanks to the lightweight nature of the Transidrel, no excessive strain is put on the floor and the exact dimensions of the mould handler can be customised to each client’s needs

transidrel series

Transidrel 300B

Transidrel 350B

Transidrel 500B

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