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GB-Series mini crane

The GB-Series are the latest lifting systems to be developed by Gruniverpal and are designed with an impeccable handling performance and convenience in very restricted areas. The mini crane can be used in all kinds of environments. With a lifting capacity of up to 750kg, they are suitable for both industrial and civil areas. The mini crane can rotate through 360 degrees due to four independent wheels, mounted on special bearings. As the GB series is very lightweight, transportation is also easy. Sturdy and practical methods of construction make the virtually indestructible mini crane suitable for any workplace and very cost efficient to maintain. The length of the boom can be customised to suit each users needs.  A wide range of options are available to maximise the GB series’ productivity


GB-Series Mini Crane

GB 500/750

GB 500 Vertical

GB 750

GB-Series with rotating boom 500 to 750kg


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TypeGB 500-TRGB 750-TR
Part number61.03.005.0361.03.007.03
Max. Capacity (kg)500750
Displaceable load (kg)500750
Telescopic extension (m)1,961,96
Lifting height (m)3,203,20
Width (mm)9501200
Dimensions L x B x H (m)1,40 x 0,95 x 1,621,60 x 1,20 x 1,62
Weight (kg)1.2501.800

Operational features

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