High Lift Hydraulic Jack – The Complete Guide

High lift hydraulic jack is a piece of equipment that is required in a wide range of industries where you need to lift a load to a height that beyond that which is attainable by standard jack. But, when buying such equipment, you shouldn’t only consider the range it offers.

Of course, the most important factor to consider when buying any type of hydraulic jack is the capacity. To determine this, you need to think about the weight of the typical load the jack is going to be lifting; there are jacks capable of everything from three tons to 25+ tons to choose from. You should never put more weight on the jack than the stated maximum, as this can damage the equipment. Aside from this, the weight, dimensions, and stroke are important, as is the adjustability and claw height. You should also check out the jack’s working pressure, which will be displayed in bar/psi. If you want lifting equipment that offers speed and efficiency, you should look for a jack that comes equipped with two hydraulic pumps instead of one. You should also look at the way in which the jack has been manufactured. You need to ensure that the legs are strong and robust, as this guarantees that the jack will not tip over, providing you with a safe lifting process. Finally, discover what brand has manufactured the hydraulic jack you are considering, as you can ensure they have a good standing in the industry.

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