Load Moving Dollies - Never Overload!

Load moving dollies come in many different shapes and sizes, designed to help you with moving a wide variety of loads at different weights. One thing you always need to do is adhere to the maximum load capacity when using this type of equipment. If you overload it, not only can the machine mover break, but serious injuries could occur as well.

Like all material handling and lifting equipment on the market today, machine dollies will have a maximum load capacity, and this is undeniably the most important factor to consider when purchasing. Before you shop for a machine dolly, you need to figure out how much the equipment you are going to be moving weighs, so that you can then choose the correct dolly for your requirements. While it can be tempting to overload the dolly, even if it is only by a small amount, this could have serious consequences. At best, it will lead to early fatigue of the equipment, which will mean you need to spend money on a repair or replacement a lot sooner than you would like. At worst, it means a catastrophic failure of the unit, which not only means immediate replacement, but it can lead to accidents and injuries in the workplace as well. just imagine what could happen if the welds break or the casters fall because you have over stressed the equipment’s structure. It is certainly not a risk worth taking.

HTS Direct, LLC is the company you need if you are interested in purchasing load moving dollies. All of the equipment we have for sale on our website, https://www.hts-direct.com, states the maximum load capacity. However, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to use the online contact form or you can speak to our team directly on (616) 591-3945.