Hydraulic Floor Jack 3 Ton – Troubleshooting Problems With Your Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic floor jack 3 ton, or something similar, may be the type of lifting equipment you use in your business at present. If there is an issue with your hydraulic jack, we can help you understand the problem. However, all repairs must be carried out by qualified personnel in a dirt-free environment.

If your hydraulic toe jack is retracting slowly, or will not retract at all, this could mean one of three things: the reservoir is too full, the cylinder is damaged internally, or the release valve is closed. If you have noticed that jack is leaking oil, you could have worn or damaged seals, which will need replacing. You may also need to replace these seals if the hydraulic jack advances but does not hold pressure. Other causes of this include an overload valve leaking or not being adjusted correctly, or you could have a problem with the pump check valve. If your jack is advancing slowly, again, leaking seals could be the problem, or you may need to re-work the pump, as this may have stopped working properly. Is the jack only extending partially? If so, either the piston rod is binding, or the reservoir is low on oil. If the hydraulic jack does not advanced at all, it could mean the load is above the capacity of the system, the system is air-locked, there is not enough oil in the reservoir, or the release valve is open. Finally, any erratic action could be the result of a binding or sticking cylinder, internal cylinder leakages, the viscosity of oil is too high, or there is air in the system

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