Machine Skates: What Are They?

Machine skates serve an important and under-appreciated role in modern industrial and factory settings. They are used to move heavy loads between locations within a factory, plant, warehouse or any other applicable site of work. Skates are often used alongside other lifting equipment such as hydraulic toe jacks. The combination of this equipment means that there is no need for workers to spend countless hours disassembling, moving and reassembling large machinery parts or equipment. Instead, the whole load can be moved to a new location. But how exactly do these skates work?

Skates And Lifting Equipment: The Basics

Machine moving skates play an important, everyday role in factories, workshops and plants across America's various industries. These skates (often labeled as 'dollies' or 'machine rollers') are as the name sounds – think of them as roller-skates for machines. Far from performing any tricks however, these skates serve a far more direct and practical purpose than their flashy counterparts – they allow the movement of heavy loads from A to B. After a heavy load (such as a large piece of machinery) has been lifted, the skates are placed underneath the load. They can be operated as part of a three-load of four-load point system. This means either three skates are placed underneath the load (like a trike) or four skates are placed underneath the load (like a quad bike). Whether it is one or two skates at the front, the front skates are steered using an adjustable bar. This bar can either be pulled or pushed by human hand or, for larger loads, it can be connected to the back of a vehicle. The skates also benefit from being able to swivel – with modern load moving skates even able to rotate 360 degrees. The rear skates (of which there are two, regardless of the point system employed) are connected to the front skates to ensure that the skates are not working independently of one another. Failing to ensure this could cause a range of problems and potentially injuries and breakages. Skates undoubtedly play a vital role in modern lifting equipment solutions.

What To Look For In Lifting Skates

So now that you understand the basics of lifting skates, it's time to find the best machine dolly or skates for the job. Whether you already have a heavy load solution for lifting, or your business needs a whole new load lifting and moving system, your company will want to make sure it gets the best skates for moving heavy loads. The best skates will be able to carry every load for the job. While some skates can only manage a couple of tons (and this is absolutely fine for those smaller loads), there are skates that can manage loads up to, and even over, 200 tons. But the capacity of a skate isn't an indicator of quality; the quality of skates is dependent on the build and the purpose of the skate. Many low-quality skates can be unstable after very little use; as well as being not very user-friendly and require constant maintenance to ensure that they don't break during the job. Thankfully, there are skates out there that are the antithesis of this; skates that are user-friendly, low maintenance and sturdy by design. Look for models that have special features such as protected wheels and anti-slip pads – both features could save your heavy, important loads from receiving costly damage. The quality of wheels also dictates longevity and move quality. Wheels made with polyurethane or nylon are long-lasting and shock absorbent – making them ideal for floors that are uneven. However, steel wheels can also be suitable for certain environments. Irrespective of your load moving needs, HTS Direct, LLC is here to help produce skates and lift equipment specifically tailored to your industrial needs.

Find The Best Machine Skates At HTS Direct, LLC

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