Hydraulic Jack Pump And The Other Important Components

Hydraulic jack pump is one of the six main components of a hydraulic toe jack or any other type of hydraulic jack. It is important to be aware of the make-up of this type of equipment if you are to use it and maintain it correctly. Read on for more information.

Let’s begin by looking at the six main components that make up a hydraulic jack. Firstly, you have the reservoir, which holds the hydraulic fluid. Then, you have one of the most critical parts, which is the hydraulic pump. The pump has the purpose of drawing the fluid from the reservoir on its intake, suction or up stroke. It then creates pressure during its power or down stroke. The pump pushes the liquid through a check valve, which is the third component you need to be aware of. The check valve has the role of directing the pressurized fluid to the main cylinder. This is another important part of the hydraulic jack, which is where you will also find the ram piston. The ram piston is forced upwards or out when the pressurized fluid starts to fill the main cylinder. The final component is the release valve. Once the jack has done its job and lifted the equipment in question, you need to release the pressure so that the ram piston returns to the main cylinder. For this to happen, the release valve needs to open, after which the hydraulic fluid returns to the reservoir so that the cycle can be repeated.

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