Portable Hydraulic Jack – How To Bleed A Hydraulic Jack

Portable hydraulic jack is a convenient solution for businesses that need to move their equipment around on a regular basis. It is important that you bleed your jack from time to time, especially if you have transported it recently. After all, you will not be able to lift a load if the jack gets air in its system.

If your hydraulic jack cannot lift a load as heavy as is stated on the manufacturer’s instructions, bleed it. Firstly, remove the jack from an engine hoist if it is attached to one. Next, open the bleed valve by turning the pump handle counterclockwise. This tends to be next to the pump handle socket, at the bottom of the jack. Wait until the ram is lowered to the lowest position. Next, you will find the oil fill plug, which is in the middle on the side of the tool. Remove this. Insert the pumping handle into the handle socket. After which, you should quickly pump the handle; this will pump oil through the system, from the oil reservoir to the high-pressure system, and back to the reservoir through the bleed valve. By doing this, any trapped air in the system will make its way to the top of the reservoir, as the oil flow will take any air in the system with it. The air will then go out of the reservoir through the oil fill plug hole. It really is as easy as that. You then need to simply check the oil level before you put the plug back into the cylinder.

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