Machine Dolly: The Safe, Reliable Way To Move Heavy Loads

Machine dolly load moving options are considered by many to be the best way to move large or heavy loads within a factory or work-space. Dollies are helpful in, for example, moving wholesale industrial food produce from the plant floor to the delivery truck. Or, in the case of heavy machinery, dollies can be used to move equipment to accommodate a new floor plan within a factory. These purposes make dollies extremely important as lifting equipment within an industrial setting. Many companies worldwide swear by machine dollies, moving skates and hydraulic toe jacks as the best heavy load solutions.

How Dollies Make For Great Moving And Lifting Equipment

Machine dollies or, as they are also known, moving skates have been successful now for many years. For over 50 years, these machine moving rollers have grown to become extremely popular as part of wider lifting equipment in many industrial settings. Their popularity has only further fueled their success. These days, it's common to find machine skates that can manage loads of 200 tons or more. They are also highly maneuverable across all types of surfaces. Whereas old skates and load moving dollies were not the best at handling uneven or tricky surfaces, today's skates are very adaptable. Modern systems have very good turning circles and some skates for smaller loads can even achieve a 360-degree turning circle, making them ideal for tight spaces. In terms of uneven surfaces, today's skates make use of wheels made of more durable materials as well as suspension and hydraulic aids. It is even possible to find skates made of materials that are suited to particular industries. For example, the food and chemical industries (such as the pharmaceutical industry) require 'clean rooms' to ensure that ingredients and chemicals are made and moved a controlled environment. When new materials are introduced to this setting, contamination can occur, unless the right materials are used. This can ruin a whole batch of production – an expensive scenario. So, it is possible to find nickel-plated skates that are safe to use in such environments for moving heavy processing machinery.

Custom Made Machine Moving Equipment

Nickel plated machine dolly equipment is just one variation of machine moving equipment that can be found. It is possible to find manufacturers of moving skates who can provide custom-built lifting and moving equipment. This is particularly important when considering the material of wheels. Certain materials are better suited to certain environments and floor types. High-quality polyurethane, for example, is terrific at dealing with uneven floor surfaces when transporting heavy loads. This is, in part, due to the material's ability to perform as a shock absorbent while carrying heavy loads, without any reduction is its weight bearing ability. Its ability to safely operate on uneven floors is also matched by its ability to safely operate on surfaces that contain elements of grease, gas and oil. Nylon wheels are available too. The material is well-suited to moving heavy loads smoothly due to its high-density, which offers very little resistance across even floors – making it easy for loads to be moved and maneuvered to a specific degree. They are extremely durable and do not scuff floors. They work well with smooth surfaces that are even and at premises where companies want to keep the floors unmarked. There are many more custom variations that are available from a good supplier of machine moving dollies. But who can you trust to be able to design, develop and manufacture custom load lifting and moving equipment for your business? Simple: HTS Direct, LLC.

HTS Direct, LLC Is The Machine Dolly Specialist

At HTS Direct our founders have a strong heritage going back decades with machine skates. Our father was an innovator of a steel-wheeled skate system that could carry up to 30 tons in the 1970s. Now, today, his sons continue the family tradition by using modern technology to further develop high-quality lifting equipment – such as the machine dolly. HTS Direct, LLC can build and fully customize lift and move equipment to suits our individual clients. Your search for the perfect heavy load moving solution is over – we are the solution you have been searching for. Call today on (616) 591-3945 for more information, or email Visit to find out more about how we can help guide you to the perfect load moving solution.