Hydraulic Jack: Why Use It?

Hydraulic jack options are widely considered as the best when it comes to lifting heavy equipment, machinery and loads. Many industries require such solutions for lifting equipment. A few examples include companies that build equipment parts, companies that run factories requiring heavy machinery, and companies that need to shift mass amounts of food products or livestock feed. Whatever the reason for needing such equipment, many businesses have come to rely on hydraulic options. But why is that the case? And are there certain hydraulic lifting options that are better than others? We answer all those questions, and more, below.

Why Hydraulic Is The Lifting Equipment Standard

The lifting equipment standard is undoubtedly the hydraulic jack lift. For many, it is the simplicity and safety of the system involved that sets it above other lifting options. These jacks are not big or bulky, and accidents because of hydraulic jacks are negligible. If any accidents do happen, it will be due to incorrect training of staff, improper usage, or improper maintenance. The way in which hydraulic lifting equipment works is best explained through Pascal's principle of transmission of fluid-pressure (or Pascal's law). This principle states that in an enclosed container, pressure is equal throughout that container. Now when it comes to hydraulic jacks, they are made up of two connected cylinders – one large and one small. The jacks work through force being applied to the smaller cylinder which then creates an equal pressure among both cylinders. The pressure in a small container, such as a cylinder, gets greater when force is applied to it. So, according to Pascal's principle, a greater pressure to a smaller cylinder would also equal greater pressure to a larger cylinder. This is thanks to the larger area of the bigger cylinder. So, when force is being applied to the smaller cylinder, that force is bigger within the larger one. This force is manifested through the pumping of oil through the two cylinders via a pump plunger. It may sound incredibly technical and scientific, but these jacks are extremely easy-to-use. But, of course, not all hydraulic jacks are built the same.

Where To Buy Hydraulic Jack Lifts

There are numerous ways to buy hydraulic jack lifts both online and offline, and this can cause confusion in the buyer. This can be made even more confusing when you consider how many different types of hydraulic jacks can be found – 'trolleys' or floor jacks, bottle jacks and the hydraulic toe jack system to name a few. For those looking for an automatic hydraulic jack solution for a very large load, then the floor jack is not the best option. Usually these jacks can only manage up to about 5 tons. This makes them ideal for a garage, shop or store setting, but not suitable to moving truly heavy loads. That leaves the bottle jack and the toe jack options. Which of these is the best? Both are similar to one another, but the toe jack wins out due to its superior ability to lift large objects with a lower ground clearance than the bottle jack. This is thanks to its claw-like lift connected to the bottom of the jack – the 'toe'. So, in terms of the best option for industrial, plant or factory heavy lifting, you only need the toe jack. But where do you find these jacks? And which hydraulic jack is the best? Thankfully, we have an answer to both questions: HTS Direct, LLC. As providers of high-quality heavy load lifting solutions for over 20 years, HTS has arrived in the States to offer their solutions directly to US companies.

HTS Direct, LLC Is The Hydraulic Jack Specialist

Since the late 1990s, HTS has been providing European companies with the perfect heavy load lifting equipment solutions. Now, we're proud to bring our strong product base and heritage to the United States. Operating from Grand Rapids, Michigan, HTS Direct, LLC is pleased to bring its German manufactured hydraulic jack and machine moving skate options stateside. We also offer Italian designed cranes and hoist rings manufactured in the US. We look forward to forging new, long-lasting relationships with our clients. To find out more about our product base, please visit https://www.hts-direct.com. To talk to us today, call our friendly support team on (616) 591-3945 or email sales@hts-direct.com.