Hydraulic Toe Jack: The Solution To Your Heavy Load Moving Problem?

Hydraulic toe jack – what is it? In your searches to find the ideal heavy load moving system for your business, it's likely you will have seen this mentioned. There are still those, however, who have not heard of this system of hydraulic lifting. Granted, compared to older jack systems – including more traditional hydraulic jack systems – it perhaps doesn't have the same history. But technology evolves and new solutions appear – we must move with the times. Undoubtedly, the toe jack is the lifting equipment evolution that companies require in this modern world.

A Brief History Of Lifting Equipment

Before we outline what makes a toe hydraulic jack pump so ideal in the modern industrial setting, we should revisit the history of lifting equipment. It's only here that we see how, historically, every lifting system superseded another lifting system. Jacks that have fallen out of favor in recent years, but have a rich historic background, include the 'ratchet' jack and the 'bell-bottom screw' jack. The bell-bottom actually still has some relevance today when it comes to moving and leveling small buildings, but their glory days were from the early 19th century and into the 20th century. These were manually hand-turned by a bar rather than being automatic in any way. Ratchet jacks were used in the likes of shipyards, mines and the great railroads of North America. They employ a 'rack-and-lever' mechanism that is similar to today's car jacks. Then we move onto the compact hydraulic jack. Undoubtedly the most well-known of these systems is the bottle jack. This is purely because the bottle jack (or 'whiskey jack') has been around for well over 150 years. Bottle jacks have lasted for a long time by effectively making use of the great power generated by hydraulics – despite being relatively small and easy to maintain. However, a major criticism that has always been labeled at bottle jacks over the years is that they are very inflexible. They are useless on their own when a machine or heavy equipment with low ground clearance needs to be lifted. This is precisely why the toe jack has superseded the bottle jack.

How Do Toe Jack Hydraulic Systems Work?

Toe jack hydraulic systems today sit in the position that whiskey jacks sat over 100 years ago, as the best of its kind. This is because the hydraulic toe jack is far more flexible than its older counterpart. It still includes and uses all the benefits of hydraulic mechanics, but it can get under equipment and machinery that has a very low ground clearance. The 'toe' in the toe jack is a small, yet sturdy, claw. This metallic toe has a ground clearance that is on par with car jacks that are often seen in garages and store warehouses. The toe doesn't just go one way either – it is also able to lower heavy loads in a very efficient, safe and controlled manner that ensures that the loads remain undamaged by any sudden shuddering or movement. Not only that, but a toe jack can also be used like a bottle jack – making the bottle jack, on its own, redundant in today's industrial world. The toe jack can also work at different angles. While a bottle jack would just fall over if it was lifted at one side, a toe jack – when used with a dolly system – can tip heavy loads at an angle. This makes the toe jack the perfect heavy load lifting solution across all industries in America today. But the hydraulic jack manufacturer still has a big say on how well a jack is constructed. At HTS Direct, LLC, we make sure that the construction of our toe jacks is at the highest quality.

Order With HTS Direct, LLC – The Hydraulic Toe Jack Experts

HTS Direct is in its third decade of existence. Over that time, we have continued to redesign and redevelop heavy load solutions for a variety of industries. This has even included creating lifting equipment especially for sterile food and pharmaceutical production environments, as well as creating 360-degree load moving skates and our new stunning remotely operated 'eMotion' skates. While originally based in Europe, due to popular demand from American customers, we have launched HTS Direct, LLC – a US-based distribution channel especially made for American clients. Ordering our revolutionary hydraulic toe jack and machine skate systems has never been easier – just call (616) 591-3945 or email sales@hts-direct.com. To learn more about our products, please visit https://www.hts-direct.com today.