Machinery Skates And Rollers – Benefits Of The 3-Point Machine Skate System

Machinery skates and rollers come in different shapes and designs. One of the most popular options is the 3-point machine skate system. In this post, we are going to take a look at the benefits associated with going down this route. Find out more below.

With a 3-point system, there are two skates at the rear, and one skate at the front to carry the load. To the untrained eye, this configuration may sound unsafe, but it is actually quite the opposite. With 3-point machine skates, the rear skates carry half the load of the front. So, how is this the safer approach? Well, consider a three-legged camp stool. Even if it is placed on ground that it is uneven, it remains stable. The only requirement is that the center of gravity or the weight is kept between the triangle that the three legs have created. Therefore, you will be perfectly safe if you sit on the stool. The support will only falter if you situate your weight towards the stool’s edges. The same principles apply to machine moving skates. As long as the center of gravity remains within the three points, a heavy machine placed onto the skates will remain safe and stable. You also don’t have to worry about the load rocking. Not only this, but as the weight continually presses down on the skates, the high friction force generated from this constant pressure keeps the skates in place as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits associated with machinery skates and rollers that have a 3-point machine skate system. This is something we have available at HTS Direct, LLC, as well as numerous other moving skate configurations and lifting equipment. Simply head to, or you can give us a call on (616) 591-3945.