Machinery Skate – The Issues With A 4-Point Machine Skate System

Machinery skate design options are varied. One of the main decisions you need to make is the number of points you are going to opt for when choosing a machine skate system. One type of system you should avoid is the 4-point design. Below, we reveal the problem with these machine skates in further detail.

Most people would naturally assume that a four-point system is the best approach. After all, cars have four wheels, and tables have four legs. However, this can be an expensive and very dangerous assumption. Why? Well, if you move over a surface that is not balanced, and a skate slips, disaster can strike. This is certainly not safe if you are transporting a machine or load that weighs tons. If you think about the make-up of a table or a car, and compare it to a moving skate, you see the difference. A table’s four permanently attached legs will rock on any floor that is not even, with at least one leg in the air. Vehicles have suspension framework that maintains the connection between the road’s surface and each of the four tires. The skates used in moving loads are attached to the load and, of course, moving skates do not have a vehicle’s suspension. This means that when a load meets an uneven surface, it rocks and shakes, just like a table would. If a corner of the load lifts off a skate, which is a real possibility, the skate may lose its connection with the load, and it could slip-out, risking injury and a lot of damage.

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