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Who we are

For the last 40 years the Koch family have established themselves as leaders in the machine moving industry. Stefan and Michael Koch have led the HTS team in creating pioneering new products such as the new hydraulic jack ECO-Jack® as well as the ECO-Skate load-moving systems. The development of these products has been carried out in close conjunction with the feedback from established HTS customers.

HTS Direct USA was founded in the USA in 2016 (we have existed in Germany and the UK for much longer). We try to ensure that all HTS manufactured load moving systems, hydraulic jacks, machine moving skates and our toe jack selection are in stock at all times. So if you have a lifting or machine moving problem, then contact us now and one of our existing load moving systems or hydraulic jack systems will be able to do the job for you. If not, as manufacturers we might be able to adapt one of our load moving systems, machine moving skates or hydraulic jack apparatus for you, or we may even be able to create something completely new, designed specifically for your job.

Our history in creating load moving systems, machine moving skates and reinventing hydraulic jack related technology goes as far back to 1970, when our family created one of the early machine moving skates which had a 30 ton holding capacity. This was groundbreaking at the time in terms of expanding the use of the idea of the hydraulic jack as independent load moving systems. After many more innovations, we started to make the toe jack in 1999 when we produced three capacities of toe jack, going up to a capacity of 50 tons.

Other load moving systems we created in 1999 included more inventively designed machine moving skates with capacities of up to 220 tons. Our design and manufacture innovation in load moving systems has continued since then, with further developments in and the application of hydraulic jack technology. We have expanded our toe jack series and we also sell hoist rings for when lifting is required.

Made in GermanyAt HTS we take pride in our family history of innovation and supply of load moving systems and hydraulic jack technology, so whether you need a machine moving skate, hoist rings or one of our multitude of hydraulic jack related systems we look forwards to helping fulfil your needs.

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