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Load moving skates with hydraulic balancer

Part number10.240.02.5010.240.02.60
Capacity (lbs.)52,8002 x 26,400
Wheel size (inch)5.5" X 3.3" Polyurethane5.5" X 3.3" Polyurethane
Number of wheels122 x 6
Load area (inch)8.6"15.7" X 8.6"
Dimensions L x W x H (inch)27" X 37.8" X 7.1"28.2" X 14.2" X 7.1"
Handle length (inch)59"-
Adjustability (inch)-15.7" to 76.3"
Weight (lbs.)572484
Part number10.320.02.5010.320.02.60
Capacity (lbs.)70,4002 x 35,200
Wheel size (inch)5.5" X 3.3" Polyurethane5.5" X 3.3" Polyurethane
Number of wheels162 x 8
Load area (inch)8.6"15.7" X 8.6"
Dimensions L x W x H (inch)27" X 46.2" X 7.1"28.2" X 18.6" X 7.1"
Handle length (inch)59"-
Adjustability (inch)-19.6" to 67.3"
Weight (lbs.)682594


The axles and bearings in the ECO-Skate i-Series XL are supported and enclosed within the frame. This makes it impossible to bend an axle even if the wheel has been overloaded for a short time. For the ECO-Skate i-Series XL it is possible to combine any of the different capacities within the range. The total capacities equals the sum of the single capacities of each ECO-Skate. The skates are equipped with HTS polyurethane wheels as standard and can also be purchased separately.

ECO-Skate i-Serie XL have the following features

  • Hydraulic balancer
    The ECO-Skate BALANCE series provides single wheel suspension with hydraulic “balance” jacks (± 0.59″), thus ensuring optimum protection from overload of the single wheel and the floor. It can also be used on uneven floors.
  • Steering and alignment bar
    The i-Series XL load moving systems are standard equipped with steering and alignment bars. Special lengths are available on request.
  • Strong alignment bars
    The two supplied alignment bars are very strong and zinc plated.
  • Combined
    All ECO-Skate i-Series XL can be combined with each other suitable ECO-Skates such as i-Serie XL und DUO. The sum of the single skates equals the total load capacity.
  • HTS Polyurethane wheels
    All ECO-Skate load moving systems have HTS  polyurethane wheels as standard

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customer’s needs.

Durable and versatile machine skates

At HTS Direct we are a leading manufacturer of machine skates that are both steerable and adjustable. Our load moving skates are ideal for moving heavy objects with minimal effort. Our quality made products provide stable loading platforms with optimum safety features and flexible loading solutions. We guarantee the durability of our versatile machine skates. Check our latest release, ECO-Skate i-Series XL, load moving skates manufactured using innovative design and technology. Contact us for more details.

Made in Germany

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