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POWER-Skate PSI 5-10

Radiocontrolled, Battery Powered

POWER - Skate

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Click an image to enlarge →PSI 5-10 with iN80S 2023
TypePSI 5-10iN80STotal Capacity
Item Number10.050.51.1010.080.01.20
Load (lbs.)10,0002 X 8,80022,000
Wheel Size (inch)3.3” X 1.7”3.3” X 3.4”
Number of Wheels8 + 2(Drive)2 X 4
ControlSingle joystick, wireless
Motor2 X POWER-Skate Drive 48 VDC Synchronous motor
Drive/Gear2 drive wheels with internal POWER-skate gear and pre-bevel angle gear box
Battery48V 24 Ah lithium iron phosphate
Load Area (inch)6.7” Ø
Run Time4-6 hours
Dimensions L X W X H (inch)34.1 X 33.9 X 4.32 X 11.5 X 8.7 X 4.3
Weight (lbs.)20555
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