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ECO-Skate ROTO RN Series

360° rotational skates

360° skates with nylon wheels

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Roto RMN9Roto RN18Roto RFN30
TypeRMN9 (NY)RN18 (NY)RFN30 (NY)
Part number10.009.08.4010.018.01.4010.030.01.40
Capacity (lbs.)900 Kg / 1984 lbs1800 Kg / 3,968 lbs3,000 Kg / 6,614 lbs.
Wheel size (inch), material50 X 46 mm / 1.96” X 1.8” Nylon85 X 87 mm/ 3.3” X 1.7” Nylon85 X 87 mm / 3.3” X 1.7” Nylon
Number of wheels468
Load area (inch)75 X 75 mm / 2.95” X 2.95”150 mm / 5.9” diameter170 mm / 6.70” diameter
Dimensions L/L* x W x H (inch)287 x 225 x 60 mm /11.30” X 8.85” X 2.36”550 x 467 x 110 mm / 21.6” X 18.9” X 4.3”588 x 467 x 110 mm / 23” X 18.9” X 4.3”
Weight (lbs.)7 Kg / 15.4 lbs22 Kg / 48.5 lbs33Kg / 72.8lbs

Additional 360° ROTO Skates

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Roto RFN60Roto RFN80Roto RFXN12
TypeRFN60 (NY)RFN80 (NY)RFXN12 (NY)
Part number10.060.01.4010.080.01.4010.120.03.41
Capacity (lbs.)6,000 Kg / 13,228 lbs8,000 Kg / 17,637 lbs12,000 Kg / 26,455 lbs
Wheel size (mm), material85 X 87 mm / 3.3” X 1.7” Nylon85 X 87 mm / 3.3” X 1.7” Nylon140 X 86 mm / 5.5” X 3.3” Nylon
Number of wheels16208
Load area (inch)220 mm / 8.66” diameter220 mm / 8.66” diameter250 mm / 9.85” diameter
Dimensions L/L* x W x H (inch)650 x 585 x 110 mm / 25.6” X 23” X 4.3”829 x 786 x 110 mm / 32.6” X 31” X 4.3”830 x 710 x 180 mm / 32.6” X 28” X 7.1”
Weight (lbs.)44 Kg / 97 lbs60 Kg / 132 lbs116 Kg / 256 lbs

*L=Length with wheel facing to the back outside the frame

Options for ECO-Skate ROTO RN Series LS 360°

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Click an image to enlarge →ROTO Deichsel NUR GriffROTO Deischel Anhaengeoese Adapter BolzenROTO Deischel Anhaengeoese Adapter GriffROTO VerbindungsstangeROTO Verbindungsstange mit Aufnahme
Part number100.009.030100.009.035100.009.036940.620.920940.025.200
Dimensions13.7" x 1.2" x 39.4"3.94" x 1.2" x 43.3"13.8" x 1.2" x 39.4"1.57" x 1" x 78.7"2.75" x 1" x 78.7"
DescriptionSteering bar with Handle and ROTO adapterSteering bar with pulling eye and ROTO adapterSteering bar with handle and pulling eye and ROTO adapterAlignment bar ROTO*Alignment bar ROTO with a steering bar connector*

*other length on request, **Pictured with optional steering handles and alignment bar

An ECO-Skate ROTO System has a minimum of four skates. The ROTO skates can be also be combined with all other suitable ECO-Skates. The load can be rotated by 360° for greater flexibility and an easier move.


ECO-Skate 360° ROTO RN Series skates have the following features:

  • Combinable
    All ECO-Skate ROTO load moving systems can be combined with the ECO-Skate      i-Series, iN-Series and DUO.
    The sum from each skate equals the total carrying capacity.
  • HTS Nylon Wheels
    All RN Series Roto skates are standard equipped with wear resistant HTS nylon wheels, providing minimal rolling resistance. They are available as spare parts for other manufactured skates as well.
  • Steering and alignment bar
    The ROTO LS series is equipped with an adapter for steering and alignment bars. Special lengths are available on request.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs.


An Example for a ROTO CUSTOM Skate

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Machine Moving Skate IRN60S

Special tailor made solution for a customer in the food industry where machines have to be moved quickly and efficiently from the production line and placed back into position after servicing.

Heavy load 360° ROTO Skate with 6 ton carrying capacity and integrated lifting solution, controlled by an external pump and linked to an ECO-Jack SYNCRO pressure block, for synchronized lifting and lowering. The wheels can be blocks for better maneuverability and the single skates can be linked with alignment bars.

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