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CS-Series Cat Skates

The HTS CR-Series is in production since  2003 and was made for applications in clean rooms, the food industry, as well as the pharma and chemical industry. All standard HTS ECO-Skates (i- Series, DUO and ROTO) can be supplied as CR-Series with nickel plated surfaces and wear resistant nylon wheels.

Machine Moving Skate

Steering and alignment bar

The i-Series load moving systems are standard equipped with steering and alignment bars.
Special length are availabe on request.


Nickle plated surface and wear resistant Nylon wheels

All CR-Series skates come with a nickle plated surface and white wear resistant nylon wheels which can be used in clean room areas.



All ECO-Skate i-Series load moving systems can be combined with all other suitable skate systems. The sum from each skate equals the total carrying capacity.


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Tech ES CR

Part number12.040.01.1012.040.01.2012.080.01.1012.080.01.20
Capacity (kg)4,0002 x 2,0008,0002 x 4,000
Capacity as a Set (kg )8,0008,00016,00016,000
Wheel dimension (mm)Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87
Number of wheels42 x 282 x 4
Load area (mm)Ø 150140 x 150Ø 150120 x 220
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)270 x 238 x 110228 x 140 x 110325 x 479 x 110291 x 220 x 110
Handle length (mm)1,000-1,000-
Adjustability (mm)-140 – 1,000-300 – 1,100
Gewicht (kg)11,811,320,724,3

Tech ES CR

Part number12.120.01.1012.120.01.2012.160.01.1012.160.01.20
Capacity (kg)12,0002 x 6,00016,0002 x 8,000
Capacity as a set (kg )24,00024,00032,00032,000
Wheel dimension (mm)Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87
Number of wheels122 x 6162 x 8
Load area (mm)Ø 170180 x 190Ø 170200 x 220
Dimension L x B x H (mm)525 x 785 x 110270 x 238 x 110525 x 988 x 110291 x 380 x 110
Handle length (mm)1,200-1,200-
Adjustability (mm)-300 – 1,100-300 – 1,100
Weight (kg)5026,95934,9

Tech ES CR

Part number12.080.01.3012.120.01.3012.027.01.4012.045.01.40
Capacity (kg)2 x 4,0002 x 8,0002,7004,500
Wheel dimension (mm)Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87
Number of wheels2 x 42 x 835
Load area (mm)2 x Ø 1502 x Ø 150Ø 150Ø 220
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)665 x 1,264 x 110720 x 1,845 x 110500 x 490 x 110620 x 565 x 110
Handle length (mm)1,2001,200--
Adjustability (mm)5 x 560 – 1,0005 x 700 – 1,300--
Weight (kg)1939
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