Battery Powered, Remote Controlled POWER-Skate

With the POWER-Skate® XL 20-40 you can move loads weighing up to 40 tons without any additional pushing or pulling devices using a radio remote control. Simultaneous driving and steering at two speeds as well as safe positioning are possible and carried out proportionally on three support points. Powered by contemporary 48 V, 60 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery technology and has a running time of approximately 3 hours.

Battery powered heavy load moving skate with low load height

The further developed POWER-Skate® XL 20-40 Drive synchronous motor runs energy-savingly and is fully digitally controlled by the POWER-Skate® XL 20-40 Drive Control PSC5 motor control. Space-saving gears located in the drive rollers make the POWER-Skate® XL 20-40 a very compact means of transport with small external dimensions and a low installation height of 180 mm. All chassis in the ECO-Skate® XL series with nylon wheels have the same insertion height of 180 mm. Existing transport chassis can therefore be used with the POWER-Skate® XL 20-40.

The following distinguishes the self-propelled transport chassis from the POWER-Skate® series:

  • Compact design with small external dimensions
  • Easy steering and constant straight-line running through directly proportional control with single joystick system
  • Powerful digitally controlled synchronous motors
  • Can be combined with all chassis of the ECO-Skate® XL series
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces as there is no need for a towing vehicle

Charger and Battery Indicator

The chargers are available in two versions with 8 A and 15 A charging current. The user can graphically read the charge status of the battery and the voltage on the BCI 48 battery charge indicator.

All POWER-Skate® transport chassis are supplied with a charger that matches the battery size. This is located together with the radio remote control and the charger for the radio remote control in a plastic box in which all parts can be safely stored and transported.

HTS also offers a quick-charge option, which charges the battery to 85% of its capacity within an hour. With this charger, the POWER-Skate® chassis can also be operated at full load if the battery has not been recharged in time.

Innovative Radio Remote Control

The cerebellum, also known as the cerebellum, controls and regulates all movements in humans and coordinates processes finely and precisely. In our transport chassis, this is done by the POWER-Skate® Cerebellum control. As with the one-joystick radio remote control for a long time, we are one of the technology-leading providers on the market.

With the new POWER-Skate® Cerebellum, two or optionally more chassis can be operated synchronously at the same time with just one remote control. The user can enter or select the driving mode and optionally the positions of the various POWER-Skate® transport chassis. The cerebellum control calculates the rest.

Questions and Answers

One-finger machine transport on all POWER-Skate models

If you combine a POWER-Skate® battery powered, remote controlled skate with a matching follow along skate, you can create a maneuverable heavy-duty transport system with a low dead weight and compact dimensions.

It is controlled via the POWER-Skate® Control eMC3 (analogue) or eMC4 (fully digital). The highly efficient HTS synchronous motors and gearboxes are encapsulated and integrated into the control system via the powerful POWER-Skate® Drive Control PSC4 (analogue) or PSC5 (fully digital) motor controllers. The radio connection is made via the innovative POWER-Skate® radio remote control with only one joystick, via which all steering movements are transmitted comfortably and directly proportionally to the control of the system. There is no need to adjust on the route due to differences in the system.

With its three speeds, the control system enables smooth driving and precise positioning of the loads to be transported.

The POWER-Skate® suspensions are characterized by their very compact design, combined with very small spin radii and low installation heights.

Where can a POWER-Skate be used?

For optimal performance of wheeled systems, it is crucial to maintain an indoor environment with clean, smooth, and even flooring. The absence of joints and height variations ensures the smooth operation of the rollers, preventing them from locking up, which can occur when encountering debris such as nuts, bolts, or metal shavings. This not only preserves the integrity of the rollers but also protects the surface from potential damage. In scenarios where outdoor operation is necessary, precautions should be taken to mitigate the challenges posed by asphalt surfaces, which may require the use of steel plates to create a more conducive terrain. Additionally, to ensure adequate traction, the coefficient of friction for the ground surface should meet or exceed 0.3. Adhering to these guidelines will help maintain the system’s efficiency and longevity.

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