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What Are The Most Common Repairs You Will Need To Perform On A Hydraulic Jack?

Hydraulic Jack

A hydraulic jack is generally a very low maintenance piece of machinery. They work simply and efficiently, and it is rare that you will need to perform any repairs to yours. However, should you need to fix a problem with your hydraulic jack, some of the more common complaints are easy to deal with.

Sometimes you may find that, as useful a piece of lifting equipment as your hydraulic jack is, it simply won’t do the heavy lifting anymore. This could be because there is not enough oil in it. If the oil runs low, air gets into the hydraulics, and it means that the jack no longer lifts up. The simple solution to this problem is to add more oil to the reservoir. Make sure you use the right kind of oil (hydraulic oil), as any other type can cause much more serious damage to your lifting tools; this is true for machine moving dollies, jacks, and more. Other types of oil can contain acidic chemicals, which could damage the seals on your lifting equipment. Once the oil is in, pump the jack a few times to expel the air. After this, it should start lifting again. Although the oil is an essential part of the hydraulic jack, it can cause another problem – there might be an oil leak in the machine. This can be caused by worn out seals, or a damaged O-ring. Whatever the problem, the fix is a simple one. Just take the jack apart and replace the seals or O-rings that are causing the problem. Once it is all put together again, it should work smoothly once more.

Your hydraulic jack will probably be used on a regular basis and, as with anything that is used a lot, it needs to be cared for regularly to ensure that it will continue to work to its optimum performance level. No matter whether you have a standard jack, a compact hydraulic jack, or any other kind of lifting machinery, you should instigate a checking regime. Once a month should be fine for this. Add it to the list of jobs that your warehouse staff should do on a regular basis. By doing this, not only will you be able to spot problems in their early stages so you can fix them more efficiently, but you will be able to stop issues from arising altogether. Using your machinery a lot and not checking it often can cause breakdowns that are completely avoidable. However, something that doesn’t come with general ‘wear and tear’ is when the overload valve is turned. This is often done by accident, usually when someone is unsure where to fill the jack with oil. This might be the only time when you really need to speak to an expert about how to fix the machine. It is more difficult to fix this problem, and having a professional do it is often the quickest and most cost effective method of regaining a working jack.

A hydraulic jack will last for many years with good maintenance and care taken over its use. A regular check can save a lot of time. In fact, most lifting equipment including machine skates and trolleys will be dependable and durable with a little time taken to ensure everything is working as it should be.

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