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When And How To Buy A Hydraulic Toe Jack For Your Business

Hydraulic Toe Jack

What is the benefit of using a hydraulic toe jack as opposed to any other kind of lifting equipment available on the market today? This short blog looks at what a toe jack is, why you should opt for hydraulics and when it’s a good buy for your workplace. Read on to find out more.

A jack is a piece of lifting equipment used to raise heavy loads mechanically. Alternatively, it can be utilized to apply great forces. The term ‘jack’ derives originally from the nickname applied in 13th century England to men called John, and from here, it began to be used on the 16th century as a descriptor for the common man. It evolved to mean a tool that could be used instead of human force as a labor-saving device. As early as 1679, it was defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as an often portable machine that could lift heavy weights by applying force from below. So jacks have a long and noble history of saving effort and time! But what is a hydraulic toe jack? In short, it is a device which is capable of lifting far heavier loads than the more traditional trolley jack. In addition, it does so more quickly than the alternatives; and as a particularly compact hydraulic jack, is designed to work in areas where there is low ground clearance. When used in conjunction with machine skates, extremely large or difficult loads, such as industrial machinery, can be raised and moved without the need for a fork lift truck or a crane, for instance.

So if you are thinking of purchasing a hydraulic toe jack for your business, what do you need to know? Firstly, the hydraulic toe jacks for sale on the market today are differentiated by their maximum lifting capacities. Before you buy one therefore, you need to know what you will be lifting and what weights this will usually entail. You should be able to find models that will have a load capacity of up to 50 tons, so there is no doubt there will be one suitable for your needs. Look for a supplier that has a strong reputation in the field and offers guarantees of quality. After all, this is industrial equipment and the safety of your staff and the loads that are being lifted and maneuvered is paramount. You also want your investment to last a long time, so ensure the product is built to last. The materials the hydraulic jack is made from need to be resistant to corrosion, especially in environments where chemicals or food stuffs are involved. Consider what height the load will typically need to be raised to, as well as the clearance available between the floor and the load in question.

If you have any doubt about the type of hydraulic toe jack you need for the job in hand, don’t take a guess. That can just result in wasting time and money, as well as putting your employees’ safety at risk. Always consult an expert supplier – they will guide you to the right choice of equipment for your requirements.

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