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How To Use Machine Skates Correctly And Choose The Rights Ones For You

Machine Skates

There are many different kinds of machine skates on the market at the moment. They all work in about the same way, but the different types are used for different jobs, so choosing the skates that will work best for you is an important part of buying them.

The main use for the different types of load moving skates is as a piece of lifting equipment. They can be used as either the three or four point system. The four point system may initially seem like the best option – you put one skate under each corner of the item that needs moving – but the three point system might be the best option for the heaviest of loads. Using four skates is only advisable if the floor is completely clean and clear. There must be no holes, steps, dust, sand or anything else in the way. If there is, your load will start to sway, and this can cause one or more skates to slip out. This is dangerous as it could cause a nasty accident. At the very least, it could damage the item that is being moved. Therefore, the best way to use machine skates is to use three, not four. To do this, you should place one dolly or machine skate under each of the back corners, and the last skate should go on the opposite side to them, in the middle at the front. This allows for the load to tip and sway a little whilst still keeping contact with all three machine skates at one time.

When it comes to choosing the correct machine skates, it is mainly down to the weight of the load you want to move. The larger the skate, the bigger the load capacity it can take. Ensure that you buy the amount of machine moving skates that you need (ideally three, possibly four, maybe more depending on what kind of business you operate) at one time from one supplier. Otherwise, you might find that different brands have different heights and widths, and this will unbalance your load. The flooring of your warehouse or yard is also important to take into consideration. You may wish to consider buying more robust skates if the floor is not in good condition, or if they are to be used outdoors. It is even possible to find machine skates that can be moved in any direction, through 360 degrees. These are only really usable on lighter loads, but they are extremely useful in tight spaces when moving the load in any other way would be an impossible – or at least very difficult – task. And of course, you will want to purchase a hydraulic toe jack to go with your machine skates. This will be required to do the initial lifting of the item so that they skates can be placed underneath. Once you have both of these items, you should be able to move most heavy loads.

Machine skates, also known as a machine dolly, can be one of the most useful and important pieces of equipment you can purchase for your warehouse. They make moving even the heaviest of loads so much easier, allowing you to work much more productively and efficiently.

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